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Roof II

What? I’m a lesbian. I had a girlfriend at Camp Corbitant last summer. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this after how Mom reacted. How’d she react? I really don’t want to talk about it. That well, huh? Are you really being the coolest big brother imaginable, or are you playing cool? I look … Continue reading Roof II

Attic II

After three weeks, Dad finally noticed my preschool drawing wasn’t hanging by Mom’s research. No one had any ideas. Now that he’s certain of the rest of the house, he’s tearing open boxes of Mom’s old textbooks while I offer moral support from the door. The heat comes on and we both hear it: a … Continue reading Attic II

Kitchen II

It was Saturday afternoon. My sister had been gone three hours. The door was closed. Mom was inside, sighing. …and his books aren’t selling. He’s in Holyoke till tomorrow, probably buying shots for Susan. That’s good. Maybe Susan’ll finally get him a meeting with her boss and we can loosen the collar. When I signed … Continue reading Kitchen II