Of course that’s what I want to talk about.

No, you could ‘ve called if that was it.

I look Alice in the eye. The ice in her tea is almost melted, and if she doesn’t sip it soon it’ll spill.

Don’t make me pry it out of you.

Okay. I sigh. I had a dream the night my… flow started. You were in it, sort of.

Alice tilts her head as I tell her and cups her chin again.

And then there was this woman who came over. She seemed like she’d been there a while, like she knew what was going on. She told us to drink the water, even though it was brackish.


What do you think?

She scrunches her face.


You know, the obvious stuff. Do you have an idea who the woman was?

No idea. I didn’t recognize her… but even you were only kind of familiar.

Right. She looks over the water. And, you know, the river, the night you got your period, and the women… You said only the women were walking between groups? Did you get a sense if they were just the messengers, or were they making the decisions?

I don’t know, really… but it seems like if you carry the message you control it.

Alice tilts her head. Maybe.

I had the sense they were calling the shots.

She shrugs. Your dream. You’d know.

You definitely didn’t dream last weekend of a long hard walk from the Reservoir to the ocean?

Not that I remember.


What was the name the boys were all calling out, in your dream-inside-your-dream?

Waking-inside-a-dream. That was the weirdest thing. Magos. I think… like my street. I mean, what’s a Magos?

Alice suddenly sits up and looks like I’m about to describe inserting a tampon again. She lifts one side of her mouth.

Guess it’s time to find out, huh?

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