Dreams and Houses II

Like us, when houses dream
they unhinge from their bodies,
face all directions
to chase themselves, as every hunt
is for the self.

Sometimes their dreams cross
with ours.

First everything is normal:
a dress rehearsal with a girl
in the sharp colors
of afternoon. But instead
of rolling her pelvis
over yours, her eyes slow
to a waking speed,
and with no explanation she says
you must go home.

So you walk the road beneath the road
to the house inside your house.
And where the room should be
is a room
becoming other rooms.
The house pursuing itself.

In the morning you tell your sister.

She walks through
the door
to a room
that doesn’t exist.

She returns
to talk about where she’s been.

Added: February 17, 2012 | Last changed: May 12, 2014