Dreams and Houses III

Wherever you were was important
because it brought you here.

On a roof.

You feel around,
the world all bokeh
and voices
from inside.
A girl voice disappears
into splashing.
A boy voice names cards
and becomes a green blur.
You find you have a flashlight
and point it in the window.
The green blur scuttles
behind a wall.

One floor down
you push a window screen;
something white rushes, and backing up
you fall off the roof.
Your dad’s brand-new Volvo sparkles
in the driveway behind you.

Down the street, Night retreats
from everything. At the mouth
of Magos Avenue, there’s a boy
wearing your brother’s face
sloppily, crouched and shaking
against a wall. He jerks
away from you, toward
the old high school.

However you got here
what matters
is arrival.

And through the window of the corner café
someone just a shade
too familiar
is waiting
in the last booth.

Added: February 17, 2012 | Last changed: May 12, 2014