Fiske Elementary Baseball Field

The moon was a wave over everything.
I watched the outfield grass
like every ripple
was a small fish climbing
toward me. I was so scared
I could only hear
Then a kickstand

And I was alone
with Alice.

Home plate was furthest from the street.

I fell onto her body, feeling
like I was stealing something
I may never be able to give back.

Then she pushed and
our thighs twisted
and locked. She held her finger
to my mouth, pushed
my shoulders
into the dirt. And the moon watching
behind her, Alice looked
right into me. It was like being pulled off
the edge of a roof.


And when it was over,
she wiped the sand
from my chest, nested her head
and started singing.

I only wanted this
forever. A song I thought
I’d heard once behind glass
shattering. I wanted her to sing
us to the Reservoir before
Dawn found the door
to the fifth graders’ classroom.

In nine hours, we’d graduate
from high school.

I asked
if I slept, how long
she would stay.

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