Imaginary Girlfriends II

You never even spoke to her
at school, just opened
and closed your palm
at the back of the bus
while she got off.

You have to wonder
what you would say
if a man came to your door asking,

Do you know the girl who lived here
when I was six?
All I have of that year is the bright teal
of the desks, the rusty lock she’d push up
and the last day of first grade
in her hair.

And what would you say
if you found her trapped
twenty years past the last day of school?

I sat at the back
of the bus and watched you leave
every day for two years


Perhaps it is enough to know
she is alive, or that a car
pulled her
softly to the ground that summer
and she didn’t grow up
and move away
like you’d always thought.

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