Longfellow Pond

Maybe it was the fiftieth time
I saw Alice before I noticed
her glow. I never said Hi
to her, just kicked the bottom
of the seat in front of me, staring
at the pond by her house.

But it was June.
Fourth grade was a puddle
on the sidewalk, evaporating.

And at the bottom of that puddle was something
I’d never seen before: this girl
telling a boy to move
aside. He laughed
to all his boy-friends: Hey, Rock Eyes
wants to get off the bus.

What did she do? She leaned
into his face:
I’ll give you five seconds
before I call
my mom,
and I don’t know how long
she’s gonna wait
before she calls yours.

And his friends started laughing
because everyone knew Brock Livingston
fought with fire

and here came Alice
Gavelston, just gesturing
at the water.

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