Morses Pond III


Alice is right
in my face. My wrist
is red, and smarts.

Anyone home?

Damn it. Sorry.
I must’ve zoned out.

She crosses her arms
over her bikini top.
No kidding.

Was I… being rude?

You could apologize.
There’s zoning out
and there’s going somewhere
else completely.

I sigh. I’m sorry.

I look at the gate,
then over the water.
Given the choice, right now,
I’d rather be deep
in the water.

A minute goes by
and I feel fingers
on my fingers.


I’m sorry.

For what?

This is… is this the thing
you were talking about a few weeks ago
at dinner? When Brock came in?
Were you… somewhere else?

Now I really want to be underwater.

Come on, she says softly.
Tell me.

I can’t… it’s a secret.

And you don’t know more
than a few of mine?
Come on, you owe me
a secret. Where’d you go?

Alice is looking directly
into my eyes. I think
I have to tell her
or risk shitting myself.

It’s hazy, I say.
And I won’t remember it
for too long… but I was at your house.

You started thinking
about my house?

If you were done
with this conversation
you could’ve just said so.

Oh, damn it. Alice, I want this conversation. This
one. But… Miss Miller, you remember her?
She told me once that some things
happen out of order. I never understood why
because everything happens to me out of order.
I feel like I’m always waking
up from a dream. And for some fucking reason,
yeah, I had to go at your house. You
and my sister were talking
in the next room. Something
about making invitations
to some party.

I close my eyes.
You were saying it should be free
but she wanted it to cost something.
So you went somewhere
and brought back a silver dollar…

She’s staring at me.


I got that dollar
from my dad’s study.
That was… she trails off.
That was five years ago.

It… this just happens
sometimes. I go somewhere else
and come back.

Alice stares at me silently.

That doesn’t scare you?

I shrug. It’s been happening
since I was four.
The only thing scary
about it is telling you
right now.

Are you trying to hide
that you’re smiling?

Shut up.
What else do you remember?

Now I try to hide my smile.

It’s mostly gone now.

Nothing else?

I close my eyes and search
around in my brain.

You were… saying something about—
you knew you’d dropped the ball.
Invitations overdue, or something,
and you hadn’t done any of the work.

A minute passes
while Alice looks over the water.
Then she tilts her head, holds
my eye and says, You know?
You’re actually more interesting
than I thought.

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