Flight II

I wake up. Again.


I roll over
to prop a pillow
under my head
and for some reason I’m lying
at the top of the stairs.

I sit up. It’s just after dawn.
The whole house is quiet.
Downstairs looks dark enough
if I jumped
I might land in water.

What are you doing down here?
You startled me.

I’m not… really sure. Just woke up
here, from an… awful dream.

I’m sorry. Maybe
you sleepwalked?


Be right back

God, that’s better.

You were in there a while.

On the rag.

I face the window again. Sigh.

I just heard about this thing
you can do when you’re dreaming.
You wake yourself up
while you’re still asleep.

Lucid dreaming.
Alice and I talk about it sometimes.

Yeah, I say. And I’ve been trying
to do it, so I can turn around and ask
whatever this thing is
that chases me…

…what it is.

No doubt,
that’s hard.

I didn’t think
it was going to be easy.
But no one said anything
about actually waking yourself up.

She nods.

I sigh again. It’s like,
no matter what I do,
even when I escape,
it wins.
I just want to know
what the Hell’s going on.

She chuckles.

Don’t we all.

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