Front Hall

I had to spend all recess today
with my brother
on the stupid monkey bars.

My key almost broke
in the front door.
We’re not supposed to go in the new room
until all the ladders are gone,
but the back door was locked, too,
so I had to.

There’s no granola or bananas
and the kitchen is so hot
now I’ve got a headache. My brother
is on the porch, and doesn’t say anything
when I say hi. Great. I’m dropping
my backpack on the banister
when my sister runs
right into me.

I don’t want to take her to the park
or draw crayon fish today.
I get all red
and then she starts crying
everywhere. I put my hands up
and push her out
of the way.

But she runs upstairs
and blocks me
with big, stupid tears.

Today a girl at school said
I couldn’t play Connect Four
and I didn’t know
who I could play with
so I just sat in the corner
and looked at the window
until someone asked
what I was doing
and I didn’t know what to say
so I just looked
at the floor all day.

I keep walking
upstairs, but she follows
me and now we’re almost
to my room.

Then Mom came, and she said had too much work
to do and no one’s listening now you’re yelling at me and…

We’re standing on the big step
between floors.

I hate this.

Right now, I hate everything.

I just hold her
on my stairs
until she stops crying
and try to say something
I think Mom would say:

Just… tell that girl tomorrow
that she doesn’t get to decide
who plays with who. And now
she can’t play with you, because…
because she’s so mean.

She looks at me like I give
the dumbest advice in the world.

And if you get an ice cream
from the freezer,

I won’t tell.

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