Roof III

The light at this hour
almost smells sweet.

My sister nods like she’s listening
from somewhere else.
She almost snorts.

Nice to know she talks.

I spit my drink
on my shirt as
she sits up
and points
over my shoulder.

That’s odd…

Excuse me?

Ah… yeah. That’s… ah… something
we need to talk about.

I follow her finger
to the lawn…
where she’s yelling at us.

I look at my sister.
She waves to herself.
So I wave to her, too.

I’ve… I’ve been taking walks.

I mean, it’s not really the walks.
It just started with them
but can happen whenever.

Anyway, I—

What happens?

Oh, sorry.
I time-travel.
Took me almost two months
to figure it out. It would’ve been easier
if it’d happened just in one place.

She winks. Damned if I know how.

Anyway, it’s started getting weird…

She trails off.

Hold on.

She looks distracted
but I continue anyway.

I think you came here
a year ago, like… like that—

I point to the lawn
And you were way older…—

She’s looking down
and obviously not listening.
Younger her is jumping
up and down, but she’s not pointing
at us. She’s pointing below us.

What… the… the… h…

Dear God in Heaven.

Our house
is on fire.

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