Secret Passages II

The next night
I dream the landing on my stairs
has a door.

It leads to another house,
which is my house dreaming
itself to me:

a house that will not release me
to school. A house that will make room
for me to dream.

A bright morning light is warming
bare wood. Two empty bedrooms
bookend some drawers and shelves
in the hallway.

Downstairs, I hear heavy breaths
and a thud. Then more breaths
and another thud.

Finding the house
your house wanted you to know
moments before waking, you sit

in the sun and hold
onto anything. Suddenly,
there are footsteps
on the stairs and

I wake up
anyway. Before my shower,
I trace the wall for hinges.

Afraid to open my eyes.

Added: March 6, 2013 | Last changed: August 5, 2014